Lampson Transi-lift LTL-1500

The Lampson Transi-Lift® LTL-1500 is one model of the world’s most versatile heavy lift cranes. The Transi-Lift® System is a patented configuration that combines heavy lifting capacities of stiff leg derricks and ring mounted lift equipment with the mobility of a conventional crawler crane.

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Product Description

  • Two(2) Fully Mobile, Individually Powered Crawler Transporters
  • Up to 460′ of Lampson Main Boom
  • Up to 200′ of Lampson 1000 Jib and 240′ of MEC 27AB Jib
  • Ultimate Capacity up to 1500 U.S. Tons
  • Completely Mobile Under Load
  • Easily Transportable by Conventional Trucks
  • Counterweights Assembled and Filled On-Site
  • Easily Adaptable to All Lift Situations