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MCi 85 A (5t)

Potain MCi 85 A working at a site in Bengaluru. Photo by Manitowoc Cranes.

The Potain MCi 85 A is a popular tower crane in India and has been featured in many highrise residential and commercial projects across Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. The main reason for its gain in popularity was the ease of assembly in constraint site condition, suitable for crowded downtown locations. The MCi 85 A was specifically designed for fast and easy erection and dismantling. The crane has a 5 tonne maximum capacity, and lifts 1.3 tonnes at its maximum jib at 50 metres jib end. The jib can be configured in 5 metres intervals from 25 metres up to 50 metres while maintaining excellent lifting ability. The MCi 85 A has a free standing height of 34.5 metres, but can be climbed to much taller heights to suit the site condition. The 25 PC 13 hoist mechanism allows the crane to hoist 2.6 tonne at a speed of up to 33 m/min.


Leading India construction equipment rental company, Sai Infraaequipments has purchased the 1,001st crane built in Potain India and a handover ceremony was held on 21st March 2014 to mark the milestone. The tower crane was one of the 10 new Potain MCi 85 A which they have purchased in a 12 month timeframe.

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