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MCi 48 C (2.5t)

Potain MCi 48 C building a convention center at a hopsital in Mangalore, on the west coast of India. The tower crane is used to lift steel, cement, rocks and concrete. Photo by Manitowoc.

Divakar Construction & Builders has taken delivery of India’s first Potain MCi 48 C, a 2.5 tonne capacity tower crane in August 2014 which is used for building of a convention center at a reowned hospital in the heart of Mangalore. The move came after they are impressed with the quality and performance of the rented Potain MCi 85 A and decided to invest in their own Potain cranes.

The advantages of the Potain MCi 48 C is largely because of its small size which is ease for transportation, even in congested city job sites. The compact size also means that it consumes lesser electricity and can be installed easily without compromising on its performance. The tower crane can lift up to 1 tonne loads at its maximum jib end of 36 metres.

Download Crane Load Chart Below

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