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Kobelco Deliver Their Largest Crawler, SL16000J-H to MIC Group

Kobelco SL16000J-H Crawler Crane

Kobelco has put their biggest crawler crane on the testing till date, which is the 1,250 tonne SL16000J-H. The first unit is set to be delivered to their domestic customer, MIC Group.

The new crane can lift its maximum capacity at a radius of 10 meters, and has a maximum system length of 180 meters with a 95m main boom and 85m luffing jib.

The SL16000J-H can be offered either a standard of Super Heavy Lift (SHL) configurations and can be relatively easily transported within the strict Japan’s road regulations.


MIC group  celebrates the delivery of the first SL16000J-H in 2016

Japan-based crane rental MIC Group has taken delivery of the the first SL16000J-H in the world. 


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