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Four GMK4100L-1 all-terrain cranes complete Spanish rental fleet

Manitowoc has delivered four Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain cranes to Spanish rental company Transportes y Grúas Aguado. Headquartered in Madrid, Transportes y Grúas Aguado has seven premises across the country and specializes in the transport and lifting of large loads. 

“We chose the Grove GMK4100L-1 because it can be used for a multitude of jobs and different applications,” said Juan Aguado, president of Transportes y Grúas Aguado. “We particularly liked the agility and mobility, thanks to the Megatrak™ suspension system and all-wheel drive. We are often required to provide high load capacities in small, hard-to-access job sites; for those jobs, the GMK4100L-1 is perfect. The four new machines now complete our fleet.” 

The 100-t capacity GMK4100L-1 is part of Grove’s long-boom series of all-terrain cranes. It was launched in 2016 following the success of the GMK4100L, which it replaced. It offers unique innovations and class-leading capabilities in the taxi (road travelling) category. It also boasts the best load charts in its class and its compact design makes it easy to access and manoeuvre on the narrowest job sites.

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