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Grove GMK5150L helps B+V Trans s.r.o. carry the load

Czech special transport company B+V Trans s.r.o. has taken delivery of a new Grove GMK5150L all-terrain crane to assist with loading and unloading trailers. B+V Trans is based in Tabor, Czechia and is a specialist of heavy and oversized transport; it can transport parts with lengths of up to 45 m and weights of up to 60 t.

The 150 t GMK5150L is the third and largest Grove crane to join the B+V Trans fleet. In the past, the company has purchased a 50 t GMK3050-1 and a 100 t GMK4100L; however, it is increasingly being required to carry longer and heavier materials.

“We compared five-axle cranes of up to 180 t from all major crane manufacturers and found the GMK5150L to offer the best performance in its TAXI configuration,” said Petr Baborský, CEO of B+V Trans. “With this crane, we can start offering assembly work for precast concrete blocks. I’m sure this GMK5150L is going to prove that my decision was the right one. We are also very satisfied with Grove aftersales support in Czechia.” 

The crane was sold to B+V Trans by Manitowoc dealer Pragotechnik spol. s.r.o., which has been a Grove dealer since 2004. Pragotechnik provides new and used cranes, spare parts, and full repair and maintenance services for customers in Czechia and Slovakia.

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