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Potain MCT 85 at work on a new temple in India

Mumbai-based construction company, Bhanu Construction is using a Potain MCT 85 crane to ensure on-time construction of a new temple in the town of Shirdi, India. The town is a spiritual center of India and most famous for being the home of Shirdi Sai Baba. 

Darshan Bhanushali, director of Bhanu Construction, said: “The Potain MCT 85 is performing excellently in terms of energy consumption and functionality. There are no issues with crane maintenance, but we know if anything does happen, we are assured of great service from Manitowoc. We have a reputation for finishing jobs on time, so running Potain cranes helps us do that. We have used Potain cranes on a range of projects and it has been an advantage for us to be associated with the Potain brand. Our customers feel confident and at ease when they know we are using Potain cranes. And our operators love them as they are easy to use.” 

Onsite at the temple project since December 2018, the MCT 85 is configured at a working height of 34.1 m and with a jib length of 52 m. The crane works 12 hours daily lifting rebar and concrete with the goal of completing the temple construction in September 2019. Manufactured at the Manitowoc plant in Pune, India, the MCT 85 is the successor to the hugely popular MCi 85 A. It offers a maximum jib length of 52 m and a tip load of 1.1 t. Its maximum capacity is 5 t. 

Founded in 1984, Bhanu Construction manages commercial, residential and industrial construction projects. The company owns seven Potain cranes including both MCi 85 A and MCT 85 models.

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