Grove GMK3050-1

Grove claimed that many customers prefer an all-rounder capability of a compact crane over a city crane. They also appreciate the long boom capability and duties of the all-terrain – 43 meters with pin-lock on the GMK3055, or an alternative full-power on the GMK3050-1. Although city crane does have accessibility advantage in extreme low overhead situations such as working within a buildings, but Grove has compensated with a huge advantage with an in-cab controlled hydraulic luffing “swing-away” jib, which is especially useful in confined city-center job sites where it is difficult or impossible to lower the boom to change off-sets. The hydraulic luffer is especially useful for long reach and up-and-over situations.

Grove also claims that its three-axle carrier is the shortest in the 45 to 60 tonne all terrain crane at an impressive 8.68 meters compared to Liebherr’s compact 1055 at 7.377 meters and Demag AC55 at 7.71 meters. with the boom lowered, the total length of the GMK3050-1 is 10.64 meters compared to Liebherr 1055 and Demag AC55 city with 8.38 and 8.95 meters respectively.

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