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Lift completed for world’s largest separation tower

1,600 tonne hoisting segment of separation tower

16th October marks the official start of the world’s largest single-capacity propane hydrogenation project. Sino TCC, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd (CNCEC) has been contracted by Jinneng Science and Technology Company for the heavy lift of the two separation towers.

The first separation tower columns were fabricated in two sections and were installed in seven stages progressively. A 1,600-tonne crawler first hoists the bottom column into position before hoisting the second section for installation. The total weight of the tower is 3,200-tonnes in total, 11.9m in diameter, 101.3m tall, marking a milestone as the world’s largest separation tower.

The second separation tower weighs 2,800-tonnes in total, 11.3m in diameter, 101.6m tall, which were installed in six stages progressively.

Positioning of the separation tower.
Positioning of the separation tower.

After the completion of the plant, Jinneng Science and Technology Company will have a capacity for 900,000 tonnes per annum propane dehydrogenation and 450,000 per annum.

It is the first kinetic energy conversion project in Shandong province and will have a considerable scale of benefits and providing a more green and environmentally-friendly production.

Hydrogen produced in the propane dehydrogenation will be used as fuel gas energy to the reactor furnace for carbon black production. The heat generated by the carbon black’s boiler is then supplied back to the propane dehydrogenation unit

The entire cycle will establish a unique circular economy model which fully utilizes its resources and technological integration.

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