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XCMG 4000-tonne for first overseas project

XGC88000 on barge.

The XGC88000 is departing China for the first time to Saudi Arabia for a project under China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.

The transportation and shipment of the giant crawler have started in the mid-August this year from Zhanjiang and after 34 days of sailing, it has successfully reached the designated project’s port in Saudi Arabia.

Under the supervision from Sinopec and XCMG specialist team, they have assembly the crane at the job site, waiting for the heavy-lift to commerce.

Specialist members for delivery of XGC88000.
Ceremony for specialists for delivery of XGC 88000.

XCMG has achieved a major milestone in 2013 with the development and manufacturing of the first 4,000-tonne crawler, XGC88000. The crane has achieved a breakthrough with the achievements of three international pioneer technologies patents, six international leading technologies patents and over more than 80 national patents on XCG88000 itself. The crane has solved various hoisting technical difficulties in the domestic country and with this opportunity to use this crane overseas, they hope to stand in level with the Germans and US manufacturers as one of the heavy-lift cranes in the world.

The journey of the XGC 88000 begins in Yantai’s for its maiden lift and it was transported to Ningxia for its next heavy lift. This time it was tasked by the Shenhua Group‘s to hoist a 44.4 meters tall, 9.6 metres diameter and 2,155 tonnes Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reactor into position for its four million tonnes per year indirect coal liquefaction project. The entire lifting operations took only two and half hours for the completion of the installation process.

Till date, the XGC 88000 has carried out the heavy lifts in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, lifting a total of 100,000 tonnes of loads and setting numerous lifting records.

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