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Mastclimber incident in Perth

mastclimber accident in perth australia

Work was halted at a building site in Perth, Western Australia, earlier this month when a mast climber platform slipped in its rigging while being lifted down from the seventh floor of a new high rise by a mobile crane.

The incident occurred on the 18th of August on a Multiplex site in the city, new reports claim that the incident caused “panels to fall to the ground below”. We have been unable to verify what the ‘panels’ actually were. The only thing we can think is that when the twin mast platform slipped it pulled some of the lower mast sections down. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, due to a well-enforced and suitably large exclusion zone set up below.

A Multiplex statement said that the incident occurred at the One Subiaco building and appears to be related to an issue with the chain sling set. From photos we have received it looks as though the platform was rigged with a combination of web slings under the platform and a long four-leg chain set.

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