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Montarent inks order for 15 Potain self-erecting cranes on day one of bauma 2022

montarent inks potain order on bauma 2022 1
  • The order includes 12 Potain Igo MA 21 and three Igo 32 self-erecting cranes.
  • Montarent equips each crane with a customized self-propelled chassis for its customers.

Dutch crane manufacturing, sales, and rental company Montarent signed an order for 15 new Potain self-erecting cranes at bauma 2022. There are 12 Igo MA 21 cranes and three Igo 32 cranes in the order.

Montarent provides specialized, highly mobilized self-erecting cranes for international sales and rental. It equips each crane with a customized self-propelled chassis. Customers can select from a trailer-mount, crawler-mount, 4WDS (all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer) chassis, or a variety of other alternatives depending on individual needs. 

The Potain Igo MA 21 is a hugely popular crane with Montarent’s customer base. Once the company mounts these cranes on a chassis it gives them their own designation. The most popular is the Montalift M21-4WDS, which is the Igo MA 21 mounted on the company’s 4WDS chassis. 

Ahead of this latest order of 12 Igo MA 21 units at bauma 2022, the company previously purchased 60 units, which were either sold to customers or utilized in its own rental fleet as the Montalift M21-4WDS. Units have been sold to the U.S., France, Denmark, Belgium, the UK, and elsewhere.

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“The Potain Igo MA 21 is the most complete crane that we can use on our chassis,” said Cor Koopmans, director at Montarent. “The configuration is a perfect fit for us. We give our customers the ultimate mobility and versatility by delivering a chassis with their self-erecting crane. It’s a solution that saves them time and money on-site and it reduces labor requirements. Our relationship with Potain has evolved over the past six years and we love that they act as a true partner to our business. It’s a collaboration.” 

The Potain Igo MA 21 is a 1.8 t self-erecting crane that can be operated via radio remote control, allowing operators to move around the job site and cooperate with subcontractors on different tasks they are working to execute. They can work on the ground alongside subcontractors, increasing communication and cooperation. When adapted into the Montalift M21-4WDS, the cranes then gain an electro-mechanical four-wheel drive chassis with two speeds and a four-wheel steer. The cranes can be moved while fully erected and are positioned for work on four extendable hydraulic outriggers with a base of 4 x 4 m. Onsite driving and steering are managed via cable control, while for transport the unit can fold down to 12.1 x 2.8 x 3.1 m to travel on a low loader. 

While most customers opt for the Igo MA 21, there are instances where greater capacity and reach are required and the Igo 32 is a perfect option. The Igo 32 is one of Potain’s most popular self-erecting cranes. It has a maximum hook height of 22 m and can lift 1.1 t at its 30 m jib end. When mounted on the four-wheel drive chassis from Montarent these cranes are marketed as Montalift M32-4WDS. The outrigger span is 4 x 4 m, while transport dimensions are 15 x 2.9 x 3.2 m. 

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