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Potain introduces Igo T 99 self-erecting tower crane

20210612 potain igo t99 debut

Potain unveiled the new Igo T 99 self-erecting tower crane this afternoon, with a 6-tonne maximum capacity at up to 15 metres radius. The new crane will fits into the gap between the 6-tonne Igo T 85 A and the 8-tonne T 130, featuring same type of telescopic tower/mast, but fully hydraulic jib.

It has 1.2 tonnes tip load at maximum 48 metres jib length or 1.5 tonnes tip load at 45 metres, with an under hook height of 38.5 metres.

Maximum lifting height with the jib luffed up to 30 degrees is 56.5 metres. The hook is permanently reeved with four falls. The crane can be powered from both a 480 volt/60hz and 400 volt/50hz power sources.

Two transportation mode

Transport to site is possible as a trailer with a 25kph/15mph top speed, or in a semi-trailer configuration with road speeds of up 80kph/50mph. The overall stowed length is 15.65 metres with an overall height of four metres.

The Igo T 99 is also compatible with all current Potain Igo and Igo T series transport axles. Once on site the new outrigger set up uses screw jacks and forms a base of 4.5 x 4.5 metres.

erecting the crane with ease

20210612 potain igo t99 debut 4

The stacked counterweight is entirely self-installed with the help of a remote controller, Potain’s Smart Set-Up technology and a large, colour screen shows step by step progress of the erection or unfolding process. Operators can also use the remote for lifting functions, while the Operator Control Function enables the pre-programming of three operating profiles, allowing owners to customise crane behaviour to suit the job or the customer.

The crane also has an operator’s cab, with a choice of an Ultra View or Ultra View Light Cab. Complete with Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS).

20210612 potain igo t99 debut 3

A new electrical cabinet with top hinged door, includes dedicated storage for the remote control transmitter and battery charger. The Manitowoc CraneSTAR telematics and remote Diagnostics includes warning indicators for working hours, greasing levels, troubleshooting and maintenance intervals etc…

Self-erecting tower crane product manager Rémi Deporte said: “The new Potain Igo T 99 is a highly versatile telescoping self-erecting crane with streamlined transport options and easier than ever setup and operation. This crane will enable customers to take on more jobs and achieve a higher return on their investment.”

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