Tecno Gru orders 34 Terex RTs

Italian crane rental, sales and servicing company Tecno Gru ordered 34 rough terrain cranes from Terex Cranes over an eight-week period, which started in December 2017.

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In December 2017 the order comprised: three Terex RT 45 cranes; three Terex RT 45L cranes; seven Terex Quadstar 1065 cranes; seven Terex Quadstar 1075 cranes; three Terex Quadstar 1075L cranes; and one Terex RT 90 rough terrain crane. The units ordered in January 2018 were: three RT 35-1 cranes; and seven Terex RT 45L cranes.

“Having Tecno-Gru order 34 cranes within a mere eight weeks shows that the industry in Italy truly values the quality of our products,” commented Stefania D’Apoli, senior sales manager at Terex Cranes. “I’m sure they will be thrilled with their equipment investment.”

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