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XCMG XGC28000 creates another record for bridge project in Beijing

XGC28000 will create a new record in history in the building of Yongding River Bridge, the largest span bridge in Beijing and widest cable suspension bridge in China. On 1st November 2017, the first section of the steel structure, weighing 574 ton was hoisted into position, marks the starting point of the major bridge launching since the project started in June 2016.

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About Yongding River Bridge

The XCMG XGC28000 plays a major role in the construction of the located in the scenic area of Linyi Lake in Yongding River, Shijingshan District, Beijing. The bridge span a total length of 639 meters and engineered as an inverted U-shaped double-inclined steel tower cable-stayed bridge with a total span of 280 meters The inclined steel tower is 124.93 meters high and the widest part of the bridge is a staggering 54.9 meters. It will be the largest span bridge in Beijing and the widest cable suspension bridge in China.

It has a clean and simple design that blends harmonically into the environment and at the same time solving the difficulties of the bridge layout between the road and river. “The span of Yongding River is very large and due to the gradient of the bridge, the key factors needed to address including calculating of the bridge force, flow resistance and other issues,” said Mr Yang from the Municipal Engineering Research Institute, who is responsible for the design.


Installation of the Heaviest Segment

On the afternoon of 1st November 2017, the heaviest segment with the largest geometrical dimensions in all sections of the tower, with a flat area of 240 square meters. The challenge was to place the segment with precision onto 85 steel drawbars at the same time, which XGC28000 has proven itself with reliable stability and mobility, keeping its movement within 5mm accuracy.

The 2,000-tonne crawler crane has also carried out the lifting of 51 steel tower segments and 68 steel box girder segments. Another challenge faced during the installation is the irregular segments shapes and precise calculation is needed to find the centre of gravity for each individual segment. 

Below is a video on the news of the installation works (in Mandarin)


Gaining attention from Media & Government

Leaders from Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, Beijing Railway Bureau, Beijing Municipal Administration of Design, and other leaders of the public attended the ceremony of hoisting the first segment of the main bridge. 

CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, Beijing Morning Post, and many other mainstream media were also present to record the used the lens to record the shocking scenes of this “super project.”

Mr Zhang Han Xu, Deputy General Manager of  XCMG Heavy Equipment Construction also present the site to witness the important moment XGC28000 in the hoisting history. He said: “This really deserves our nation’s pride.” This leading position is “after nearly five years of rapid development, scale development, quality development and technological development, we have made progress step by step and laid it out.”, he added.


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