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XGC88000 replicates hydrogenation reactors heavy lift

20210612 xgc88000 shenghong refinery

XCMG 4,000-tonne XGC88000 crawler has been deployed to Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project in Jiangsu, China. Two hydrogenation reactors, each measuring 4.8 metres in diameter, 69 metres and weighing 2,166-tonnes are to be installed.

On early May 2021, using 4,000-tonne XGC88000 (No. 2) crawler as the main crane and a 1,350-tonne crawler as the tailing crane, they completed the lift for the No. 2 hydrogenation reactor. A week later, No. 1 hydrogenation reactor that was 20m apart was hoisted into place as well. The crawler retreated 20 metres and completed the hoisting in just three hours.

Detailed study of the lifting has been made by the technical team for the two hydrogenation reactors and making both hoisting operations identical, saving time and preparation works including foundation, rigging methodology and hoisting procedures.

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