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Zoomlion ZCC18000 completes Fuqing Haitan Strait Offshore Wind Farm

zcc18000 completes haitan offshore wind turbine

On the afternoon of 2nd October, as Zoomlion ZCC18000 completed the final hoist of the last wind turbine, it marks the completion of the Haitan Strait offshore wind power project in Fuqing, Fujian, China.

This also marks an important milestone to China’s low-carbon and green initiative for energy.

The 300 MW wind farm is being developed by China Huadian Corporation and is the company’s first offshore wind project. It is located near the shore off the northeast part of Longgao peninsula, Fuqing county, where the average annual wind speed is 9.2m/s.

The wind farm features 22 MingYang MySE7.0-158 turbines with a rated power of 7 MW and a rotor diameter of 158 meters, with the first typhoon-proof turbine at the project installed in September last year.

The project is located in the north-central Haitan Strait on the northeast side of the Longgao Peninsula. It is located in one of the world’s three major wind vents. It has high winds, high waves, deep water, and complicated seabed geological conditions. The technical challenges and construction risks far exceed other offshore wind power projects of similar size.

For this project, Zoomlion ZCC18000 has been chosen as the main crane for the job. Unveiled during the Bauma Shanghai Show in November 2020, the crawler has been specifically designed for offshore lifting.

The innovative superlift attachment that enables the crawler to swing without touching the ground helps to save up to 60% of the space, making it suitable for offshore platform operations.

In addition, its micro-motion performance and minimum stable speed lifting up t of 0.8-0.9m/min enable the ZCC18000 to still carry out precise lifting in the harsh conditions of the sea.

Little Brother At Work

Besides that, the Zoomlion ZCC5800 has also been deployed as an auxiliary crane for the wind turbine installation. As Zoomlion 4.0 product line, the ZCC5800 crawler has shown good lifting performance and is highly recognised by domestic and overseas customers.

Growing Domestic Offshore Wind Power Project

The year 2021 will be busy for China’s domestic offshore wind power installation market as we shall see that there will be more offshore wind power projects upcoming to fasten the pace of creating a low-emission and greener energy country.

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