Kobelco 7045

Kobelco 7045 Bio-Matic crane is a new, precedent-setting machine, featuring an innovative, curbed rear contour. Reflecting Kobelco’s major advances in human engineering. This new model features a microcomputer-aided reaction sensor system that communicates the slightest movement of the load to the operator’s hand.

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Product Description

The small swing radius, wide viewing angle, and low noise ensure efficient, safe operation in small construction sites amidst the most congested cities. The crawler crane rides as comfortably as a passenger car and is easily assembled on site. Compact, yet powerful and versatile, the 7045 is suitable for all kinds of demanding foundation work such as vibration hammer, clamshell, and strut erection and removal. Kobelco’s new Bio-Matic crane redefines and revolutionizes the compact crawler crane for unprecedented efficiency.


  • Max. lifting capacity 45t x  3.7m
  • Max. boom length 48.77m
  • Max. total length (boom + jib) 54.86m
  • Fast lifting and hoisting speeds ensure reduced cycle times on construction projects
  • Large-capacity drum permits clamshell work as deep as four floors down on the first cable layer
  • Heavy-duty hoisting capacity provided by high output engine and 60-ton class winch
  • Power and stability to accommodate large vibro hammer attachments.
  • Line pull of 16 tons makes sheet pile removal easy and quick
  • Large capacity brake drum with heat-radiating fin ensures safe seizure-free performance during continuous operation
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