Sumitomo SC500-2

Sumitomo SC500-2 is a 50-tonne rated capacity crawler crane manufactured in Japan.

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Metric, EN (Main Boom)


Language – EN (English), CH (Mandarin), JA (Japanese), DE (German)
SI Unit – Metric (Tonne), Imperial (US ton)

Sumitomo SC500-2 Specifications & Information



  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 50 ton at 3.7m
  • Boom Length: 12.2m to 51.8m
  • Fly Jib Length: 6.10m, 9.15m, 12.20m, 15.25m
  • Luffing Jib Length:
  • Max. Combination: 39.15m + 25m, 36.1m + 28m
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