Tadano GR120F-1 Pitagoras

It has been a constant challenge to the crane industry to carry out crane lifting works in urban or residential areas with increasing considerations on exhaust gas emission and noise level. Additionally, there has also been called for improved crane properties and functionality to suits urban areas as well. In 2006, Tadano has started sales of their then newly developed Pythagoras (PITAGORAS) GR120F to meet these requirements.


  • Maximum Lifting Height: 30.7m
  • Maximum Working Radius: 23.0m
  • Compact Crane Body
  • Easy Operation

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Product Description

The crane is specially designed to enter and work in narrow areas, and avoidance of obstacles such as overhead wiring. One of the main features of that Pythagoras GR120F is that it has a four section main boom for a maximum lifting height of 30.7m and can be equipped with a tiltable 6 section telescopic jib, responding to the high-performance working environment.

A compact crane body was developed with superior mobility, for possible entry into site in an overcrowded city and narrow roads of residential areas to carry out installation. At the same time, camera is installed on the front left to improved driving visibility which the driver can see from the operator cabin’s monitor, which has been integrated as a standard equipment for this crane.

With the jib stowed at the side of the crane, the using of jib was even further developed into a simpler operation whereby jib can be installed through the cabin, shortening time taken for installation and dis-installation. The work process is displayed within the panel, supporting a safer operation. Using a inverted overhanging method, the jib can be deployed within the crane’s body perimeters.

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In order to meet the secondary exhaust gas regulations of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the crane is also fitted with a electronic controlled engine. The crane is also able to switch to low noise mode to provide a friendly working environment in residential areas and working during night time.

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