Kobelco RK120-3 / RK120M-3

Kobelco Cranes has developed the RK120-3 (RK120M-3) for its city crane series which is for sale in the Japanese domestic market. The 12 tonnes or 4.9 tonnes rough terrain crane was equipped with six-section 23.8 metres main boom. The crane can be equipped with an optional 5.5 metres fixed jib to reach a maximum lifting height of 30 metres and the maximum radius of 23.3 metres.

The outriggers are available at four different extension length, with maximum outrigger width at 4.7 metres. It comes with a fully X type of H type hydraulic outriggers. Furthermore, the total crane length is only 7,54 metres, allowing it to be fitted in constraint working sites to performance lifting. With its optimal length, it produces 6.5 metres turning radius using two-wheel steering and only 3.8 metres with its four-wheel steering, creating the possibility to navigate through tight space in the city centre.

The crane is equipped with a Mitsubishi 4M50-TLE3A engine which produce a maximum output of 129 kW / 2,700 rpm and maximum torque of 530 Nm / 1,600 rpm.

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