Tadano GR700N-1

GR700N G3a is an upgraded version of its former 60 tonnes class to its current 70 tonnes capacity class. Tadano released GR700N G3a (alpha) (also called CREVO 700 G3a) for sales in mid-2013.

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Product Description

The rough terrain crane comes with a maximum boom length of 44 metres and has a lifting capacity of 8.2  tonnes when fully extended, making it superior in operations that need to achieve great heights. When fitted with the optional 3-stage auto jib, the crane can reach a maximum lifting height of 63 metres, the highest among the crane of its capacity class. Furthermore, the enhancement of using Tadano’s SACO Jib technology, it eliminates the needs to work-at-height to put the jib into work and shortens the time needed for the jib installation as well.

One of the main features of GR700N G3a is the rough terrain crane is fitted with a diesel engine that complies with Japanese 2011 exhaust emission standards for special vehicles. In addition, the rough terrain crane is also fitted with automatic regeneration DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which are activated during travelling and working. On top of that, the crane is equipped with a fuel consumption monitor which display information on fuel consumption and by selection for “Eco mode”, it reduces unnecessary rpm whilst the crane is at work and “Positive control” that uses the most suitable flow from the diesel pump while the crane is at work.

The crane is equipped with Tadano HELLO-NET telematics web information service, which uses GPS to confirm the location of the crane and receive information via website browser on the information for crane’s maintenance and service support from Tadano. The HELLO-NET is not readily available at all countries at the moment.


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