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Kato KR25H-V8 (SR250Ri)

Kato Works has released the sales of their SR250Ri Premium in March 2013 and it was the first time that their rough terrain crane has used the IC card system. The crane is equipped with 4-section SUPERBOOM and their latest technology, E-Jib.

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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

Advantages Of EJIB and SUPERBOOM

  • Ease of stowing of two-stage jib section! Extension locking and releasing of the two-stage jib without leaving the operator’s cabin. Reduces time for installation and burden of operators from conventional models.
  • Increase in space saving for the installation of the jib. The two-stage jib is possible to be erected and install in the air and it also reduces the space needed when the jib is stowed at the boom side.
  • The boom section has reduced in weight yet having better lifting performance with the 4-section SYNCHROZOOM. Boom maximum working radius at 27.9m x 0.9t. Jib maximum working radius at 34.0m x 0.43t.

Advantages of IC Card System (KIC.S)

  • Theft protection. The engine cannot start as long as there is no authentication by the IC card.
  • Crane data management. Possible to keep records of travelling and operations data which can be retrieved and kept in a personal computer (Note that PC card reader and data management software are optional items)
  • Crane status management. Through the data history, you can keep track of the operating and travel time of the crane and various parts which in turn aids in the inspection and maintenance of the crane.

New Adoption of Touch Panel COR Display Panel And Energy Saving

  • Assist energy-saving operation by displaying real-time fuel consumption during travelling and crane operation.
  • ECO switch can be activated to limit the maximum speed the engine is working and suppress unnecessary acceleration of the crane.
  • Flow of hydraulic pressure is minimized when the crane is idling during operation time thus an improvement in fuel economy.



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