Tadano TR250M-5

Tadano TR series of rough terrain crane back dated since the early 1970s and throughout the years of evolution and continuous progress, they have developed a strong foothold for 25 tonnes capacity class rough terrain crane in the world. TR250M-5 (250PRO-FX)was one of the popular model for the past two decades and even till now, this 25 tonne ton is still one of the sought after rough terrain crane in the after sales market in Asia, or perhaps in the world. Tadano consistently upgrade the version of this rough terrain that now evolve to TR250M-6 and TR250M-7 and in the new era, launched the GR series of the rough terrain crane as well.

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Boom Length


Max. Rated Capacity


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Metric, EN (H-Outrigger)
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Metric, EN (X-Outrigger)

Product Description


The TR250M-5 comes with a 4-section hydraulic telescoping boom that extends to a maximum of 30.5 metres and has optional fly jib of 8 or 13 metres to reach a maximum height of 44.2 metres. It also has an single top attachment for quick reeving for loads under 3.5 tonnes. The crane is powered by an Mitsubishi 6D16 water-cooled, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger with a maximum rated output of 250 PS / 2,800 rpm.


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