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Kato KR65H (SL650R)

Kato released the sales of their new 65-ton rough terrain crane, SL650R in October 2005. The 65-ton rough terrain crane was the largest 2-axle rough terrain developed then but was replaced with a newer model 70-ton roughter Kato SR700L three years later in 2008.


  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 65t x 2.6m
  • Boom Length: 10m ~ 44.5m
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 45.5m (Main Boom) / 58.6m (SL Jib)
  • Maximum Derrick Angle: 84 deg
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*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

The high performance can be achieved thanks to the superboom and hydraulic SL jib. In comparison, the crane body is more compact compared to Kato’s own class of 51-ton rough terrain crane, e.g SL600 or SL600-II. Not to mention that the operating weight of the SL650R is lighter than Kato’s 60-ton class capacity rough terrain crane, SL600R.

The SL650R is also designed to have a maximum derrick of 84°, releasing the crane’s potential to carry out a nearer lifting operation. In addition, Furthermore, the SL650R was then the longest boom configuration available in its class. Kato has equipped the rough terrain with a new winch type, allowing a line pull of maximum 5 ton.

The notable feature for SL650R is the three section telescopic hydraulic jib, SL jib, that raises maximum hook height to 58,6 metres from the 44.5 metres main boom.



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