Kato KR25H-V5 (SR250VR)

Although the 25 tonnes rough terrain crane was not being exhibit during the 2001 Conet in Japan, Kato has released the product development which includes the addition of a powered fly jib option to its SR250VR model.

The two-axle, 25 tonnes rough terrain previously came with a two-section 7.9/13m fly jib, offsettable to 5, 25 and 45 degree. The new development means that customers can equipped the crane as optional a fly jib that can be offset hydraulically between 5 to 45 degree.

It has then been upgraded to comply with the noise and engine emission requirements.

thumbnail of SR250VR catalog ja
Catalog, JA
thumbnail of SR250VR_KR25H_V5_spec_mt_ja_MJ_vC01061
Metric, JA (Manual Jib)
thumbnail of SR250VR_KR25H-V5_spec_mt_ja_PJ_vC01051
Metric, JA (Power Jib)

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