Kobelco RK700-2 (Panther 700)

Kobelco Crane in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo has recently made an announcement of the rough terrain crane PANTHER700 or RK700-2 to be launched in Japanese domestic market on the 5th March 2015.

The safety and performance of the RK700-2 have been increased to be a high-performance crane. The crane provides excellent safety when working at heights and provide better space-saving solutions to the customer. In addition, the crane complies with low emission, noise and fuel consumption.

While Kobelco has always been strong in the crawler crane market, they are also striving towards providing better enhancements to their wheel cranes to continue to meet the customers’ expectation.

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Comfort in Operability and Advanced Safety

The RK700-2 has an option to be equipped with a 3-section full auto jib, enabling to operate in a wide high lift area. Furthermore, the jib has been designed to be installed in an under-slung method compare to the conventional method, eliminating the need to work at heights and achieving a safe working environment at a low position. This also means that does it is space saving and significantly reducing the time need to install or stow the jib. The carrier and round boom have been designed to be lightweight while still providing good crane performance.

Compact Size

With a width of 2.78 metres, the RK700-2 has achieved to be the crane in its capacity class to have the smallest width. It has a compact boom overhand of only 6.435 metres which fits the conditions of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport regulations. Fitted with easy-to-use multi-display and various safety devices and function, the crane can be operated with greater ease and safety.

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Kobelco crane is targeting to sell 12 units of RK700-2 per year.


Max. Lifting Capacity 70t x 2.1m
Boom Length 9.8 – 44.0m
Jib Length 8.4 – 17.7m
Max. Lifting Height 45.2m (Boom), 63.0m (Jib)
Max. Working Radius 34.0m (Boom), 40.0m (Over front) (Boom)
39.8m (Boom), 45.5m (Over front) (Jib)
Engine Cummins QSL9-4A (276 kW / 1,900 rpm)


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