Tadano GR500EXL

Tadano has made an announcement for the launching of GR-500EXL for overseas markets which will be for sale from March 2015 onwards. The new GR-500EXL boasts a 51 metric tonnes capacity, 42 metres 5-section main boom.

The concept of the GR-500EXL was to meet the needs of customers in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Tadano introduced the right-hand drive rough terrain crane for these markets. In addition, the crane has been developed with a long boom, compact carrier, improved driveability & safety, environmentally friendly performance.

Additional Information

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Product Description

Longest Boom in its Class (as of December 2014)

The GR-500EXL current holds the longest boom available in its class. The boom length meets customers requirement of lifting loads in high and remote places. Furthermore, the extra reach can be provided with its 2-stage under-slung jib that stows alongside the base boom section which means easier and lesser space needed for installation at confined job sites.

Compact Carrier

In order to minimize the setup space necessary at the job site, the length of the carrier has been reduced while more counterweight has been added to the crane. This makes it possible to shorten the maximum extension width of the outriggers to 7 metres. Such configuration is suitable for working in urban and confined areas like Singapore.

Improved Carrier Drivability and Safety

The carrier drivability is improved due to the semi-elliptic leaf springs used on all wheels and it can reach a 48km/h maximum travelling speed. In addition, the elevating cylinder has been changed to a shorter twin-cylinder design instead of the previous one single long cylinder design. Operator’s cabin has been positioned more forward, improving the driver’s visibility dramatically, making a safer travelling experience for the operator.

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Improve Maintainability

Instead of using Euro 3 or higher engine, Tadano has stuck to using a more conventional engine, Euro mot 2 to improve the maintainability of each component and includes several innovations for maintenance cost reduction as well. The crane is powered by a 200 kW Mitsubishi engine.


The GR-500EXL has been equipped with Tadano’s state-of-art fuel monitoring system, which reduces fuel consumption while the crane is being operated.

HELLO-NET Installation

The 51 tonnes rough terrain crane has been also equipped with HELLO-NET, which is used to support customer’s efficient crane operations via computer or mobile devices. The customer can monitor crane activity, work history, machine position data and maintenance information. However, at the current moment, it does not covers all countries yet.

New Drive Options By Tadano (April 2015)

In response to a customer request in countries that drive on the left side of the road, Tadano is now offering its new GR500EXL rough terrain crane with a choice of right or left-hand drive configuration.

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Rough terrain cranes are conventionally designed to have the cabin on the left side and boom on the right and by giving this option, it allows drivers/operators to have better visibility for safer road travel. Countries with right-hand drive include Japan, Australia, UK and Singapore.