Kato SR700L

Kato has manufactured a new 70 tonnes, SR700L for the international market.

The rough terrain is rated 70 tonnes x 2.5 metres and comes with a 6-section 44.5m SuperBoom. It also offers an optional SL Jib up to 13.2 metres which have the ability to work with large angle – from 7° to 60°.

The special feature of the SL jib is that it is power operated by extension and works like a luffing jib. The maximum lifting height of the SR700L with the jib is 58.6 metres.

thumbnail of SR700L_spec_mt_en_vC02641
Catalog, EN
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Metric, EN

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New ACS Moment Limiter Compuload

In order to bring better comfort and ease to the operator, it comes with joystick control levers and fatigue-free adjustable seat. Moreover, the SR700L is equipped with Kato’s new ACS Moment Limiter CompuLoad (MS-200) with outrigger width detector and working range limiting function. The display is in full colour with easy touch panel functions.