Kato KR20HL (SR200R)

In April 2005, Kato has made an announcement for the released of sales of the new 20-ton class rough terrain crane, SR200R in Japan’s domestic market. The SR200R was then the best roughter of its class, having a maximum lifting capacity of 20 ton at a 3 m working radius, yet the overall operating weight of the crane does not exceed 20 ton. Equipped with Synchro-Zoom technology, the main boom is able to telescopic simultaneously for lifting operation.


  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 20t x 3m
  • Boom Length: 8.65m ~ 28m
  • Jib Length: 7.0 – 11.4m
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 28.5m (Boom) / 40m (Jib)
thumbnail of SR200R_KR20HL_catalog_ja_vC02071
Catalog, JA
thumbnail of SR200R_KR20HL_spec_mt_ja_vC02081
Metric, JA

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