Kato KR70H-L (SL700R)

Kato has developed and started sales of their new 70-ton rough terrain crane, SL700R Premium (KR70H-L) in November 2008. While SL700R are made for Japanese domestic model, a similar 70-ton roughter but two-axle Kato SR700L has also been manufactured specially for the overseas market.

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Catalog, JA
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The SL700R is a 4-axles roughter with outstanding off-road and straight-line stability at all times before engaging four-wheel drive. The crane is equipped with a common-rail new engine with Japanese 2006 diesel special automobile exhaust gas regulations compliance, which is environmentally friendly. The engine has a maximum output of 272 kW / 2,000 min-1 and maximum torque of 1510 Nm / 1,600 min-1.

The SL700R has adopted a more rigid SUPERBOOM technology and the 70-tonne roughter is capable of a maximum load capacity of 70-tonne at a working radius of 2.5 metres with its 6-section telescopic boom. The boom can be extended to a maximum of 44.5 metres, reaching a lifting height up to 45.5 metres. In addition, the telescopic boom can be derrick up to a maximum of 84°, which provides better lifting capability when a load is near to the crane’s body.

The SL700R comes with a Super Luffing (SL) jib system with optional jib length from 8.3 to 17.5 metres and a maximum offset angle of 60°, reaching a maximum lifting height up to 62.7 metres.

Some other features of the SL700R include:

  • Outrigger float for aluminium decking,
  • New ACS adopted touch-screen large colour display (8.4 inches),
  • Equipped with 370 litres capacity fuel tank,
  • Anemometer, remote control searchlights
  • ACS external display device