Unic UR-V290 Series

The Unic UR-V290 series light duty cargo truck has a maximum lifting capacity of 3.03 tonnes and a maximum hook height between 7.6m to 13.6m.

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Product Description

MODEL UR-V293 UR-V294 UR-V295 UR-V296
Max. Lifting Capacity 3,030 kg at 1.6 m 3,030 kg at 1.6 m 3,030 kg at 1.5 m 3,030 kg at 1.5 m
Max. Hook Height 7.6 m 9.8 m 11.7 m 13.6 m
Max. Working Radius 6.43 m 8.73 m 10.63 m 12.63 m
Max. Boom Length 6.60 m 8.90 m 10.80 m 12.80 m
Min. Boom Length 2.79 m 3.17 m 3.15 m 3.25 m
Boom Sections 3 4 5 6
Boom Raising Angle Min. 1° to Max. 76°
Slewing Angle 360° Continuous


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