QUY50A/C/D (50t)

Fuwa has been one of the pioneers in manufacturing crawler cranes in China market. The QUY50A can be considered as the fundamental model which they have manufactured in the beginning. Over the years, there are upgrades on the 50-ton class crawler crane, evolving to QUY50C and QUY50D.

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The QUY50D crawler tracks measures 5.5m in length and equipped with 760mm wide shoes. The fully extended crawler width is 4.36m and can be retracted to only 2.9m for transportation purposes.

The crane can be equipped with a total of 16.3t of counterweight which are divided into three pieces. Currently the factory is still doing adjustment of the counterweight and the weights of each individual piece is still not reveal.

Main boom stretches from 13m in basic boom configuration to 52m in length. So far there are no additional information to indicate if this crane will comes with a fixed jib or maybe a tower attachments.


thumbnail of Fuwa QUY50A Spec mt en-ch
Fuwa QUY50A, Spec in Metric, EN/CH
thumbnail of Fuwa QUY50C leaflet en
Fuwa QUY50C, Leaflet, EN
thumbnail of Fuwa QUY50C Spec mt en-ch
Fuwa QUY50C, Spec in Metric, EN/CH
thumbnail of Fuwa QUY50D Spec mt en-ch
Fuwa QUY50D, Spec in Metric, EN/CH

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