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AC 4.100L-1 and AC 5.220L-1 for Kavanagh Crane Hire

kavanagh buy duo tadano cranes

It is clear that as far as the team at Kavanagh is concerned, Tadano leads the pack in these lifting capacity classes – it would otherwise be hard to explain why the Irish crane service provider recently repeated an exact order from 2017 by purchasing an AC 4.100L-1 and an AC 5.220L-1.

“The reason we decided on these two models again was that we find their quality, performance, and reliability to be absolutely unbeatable,” explains Kavanagh Crane Hire managing director Pat Kavanagh, who adds that Tadano’s customer service has consistently outdone the team’s expectations. “And we can already tell how the OneTadano strategy is making their excellent service even better,” he says, giving the integration process two thumbs up.

Tadano UK’s Sales, Service and Parts teams have played a vital role in the excellent and close partnership between Kavanagh and Tadano, and all teams have helped to establish an atmosphere of trust for many years now. This is reflected in how Kavanagh has always played a pioneering role in the Irish market when it comes to introducing new Tadano models. In fact, this was the case with the AC 100-4 and the AC 220-5, as well as with the AC 45 City – a tradition that is sure to continue.

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