Demag AC100/4

Terex has released the AC100/4 in Bauma 2007 in Munich, Germany. The 100-tonne mobile crane was said to have the most variable extension system available, being the strongest 4-axle in all working configurations.

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AC100/4 was one of the new model lines up at Bauma 2007 Germany. Terex Demag commented that the 100 tonne all terrain crane has the most variable extension system available, along with it being the strongest four-axle crane in all working configurations. This 13.1 metres four-axle crane is almost 1 metre shorter than its established five-axle version, the AC100.

It also features a narrower 2.55-metre body, same width of a standard truck. This gives the mobile crane more advantages in accessing tight spaces, especially passing through toll gates on European motorways rather than having to use special gates. The AC100/4 can carry 6.9 tonnes of counterweight within the 12-tonne axle load and 21.3 tonnes of counterweight within a 16 tonnes axle load.

Currently, Terex has developed a newer version, AC100/4L, which has a system boom length of 60m.

Technical Details Metric Imperial
Capacity class 100 t 120 US-tons
Main boom length 50 m 164.0 ft
Main boom extension 19 + 8 m 62.34 + 26.2 ft
Maximum system length 50 + 19 + 8 = 77 m 164.0 + 62.34 = 226.4 ft
Maximum counterweight 24,5 t 27.0 US-tons
Overall length 13,13 m 43.1 ft
Carrier length 10,64 m 34.9 ft
Turning radius over the cabin 10,51 m 34.5 ft
Carrier engine 340 kW 462 hp
Superstructure engine 129 kW 175 hp
Maximum travel speed 85 km/h 53 mph
Drive chain (optional) 8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8) 8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8)
Tyres 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5) 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5)
Maximum gradeability 70% 70%