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Crane overturned in Milan Metro

milan crane accident against railway 1

A crane overturned in Italy in late August during a tandem lift alongside Milan’s Line 2 metro with the boom blocking the tracks.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening last week (31 August 2022) at the Bussero station, four stops short of the end of the line on Milan’s northeast.

milan crane accident against railway 2
Milan Metro incident

A four-axle Eurogru Amici truck crane owned by Freti was lifting a concrete staircase for a pedestrian footbridge over the tracks in tandem lifting with a Terex Rough Terrain crane owned by SAS Group when something went wrong. It clearly looks like a case of overloading between the two cranes or the structural failure of one of the outrigger beams. The overturned crane has most of its six-section boom extended while the rough terrain’s boom was only marginally extended as it tailed the load in.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident but the disruption to anyone going beyond Bussero is significant.

Aerial view of the accident reported by local news.

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