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E. Helaakoski signs big Tadano order at Bauma

e. helaakoski tadano bauma 2022

A more fitting venue would have been impossible to come by: CEO Jarmo Helaakoski from E. Helaakoski and Senior Sales Manager Pertti Isokorpi from Tadano signed an order for a total of five Tadano cranes at this year’s bauma. More specifically, an AC 7.450-1, an AC 3.045-1 City with an E-Pack, two AC 4.080-1’s with an E-Pack as well, and a GTC-2000 telescopic boom crawler crane.

“We’re currently investing a lot in environmentally friendly products that will enable us to make our crane fleet even more sustainable. For example, there’s the E-Pack offered by Tadano, which is one of the many forward-looking solutions that we think are simply indispensable in this day and age,” says CEO Jarmo Helaakoski while giving an important reason why his company placed the large order with Tadano. Tadano sees this reasoning as additional confirmation of the wisdom of its strategy of developing emission-cutting technologies at a faster pace.

These include not only the aforementioned E-Pack, but also electrified drives and the fact that the lion’s share of its cranes is compatible with alternative diesel fuels. In fact, all the cranes ordered by E. Helaakoski can run on HVO and Co.

“The fact that an excellent longtime customer like E. Helaakoski shares our ambitions regarding more environmentally friendly crane operation is something that we obviously are very happy about, and it definitely helps when it comes to staying on course,” underscores Pertti Isokorpi, who goes on to mention the Tadano Green Solutions that the company will be dedicating plenty of space to at this year’s bauma.

The first cranes are already scheduled to be delivered to E. Helaakoski for this month of November 2022. “We’ll then be completing the order by May 2023 at the latest,” says Pertti Isokorpi to clarify the general timetable for the order.

This press release was sent by Tadano on 17 November 2022.

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