Tadano AC 3.045-1 City

With its short base boom of just 7.8m / 25.6 ft the AC 45 City is able to work in buildings with a relatively low clearance while still keeping its boom at a steep angle, enabling it to lift heavy loads indoors. This compact, 3-axle unit stays under 12t / 13.2 US t axle load limits even when outfitted with its full equipment for outstanding transportability. The addition of Flex Base with step-less outrigger positioning adds further versatility and improved performance for HA, MS, and telescopable loads.

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Product Description

Sustainable Environmental Solutions

The electrohydraulic E-Pack system quickly connects and features an electric motor for the ultimate in zero-emission, low-noise, environmentally friendly operation, especially in tight urban spaces, at night, and indoor areas where this system shines. Along with quick coupling hydraulic hose connections, when on-site the E-Pack is easily unloaded and connected to a common 400V / (32A) 63A electric power supply. Its intelligent electric motor control system ensures efficient power use to lower costs versus diesel-powered cranes. Corresponding controls integrate seamlessly, while the hydraulic air conditioning system keeps the operator comfortable and in control with the E-Pack touch screen display.

Electrohydraulic system with zero-emission at crane operation. Perfect for urban areas, at night or for indoor operation.


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