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Kobelco new S series for world markets

kobelco s series crawler

Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. announces the launch of the S series of crawler cranes. Production of the new models for world markets, excluding Japan, Europe, and North America, commences from November 25, 2011.

Comprising 10 models, the S series consists of crawler cranes from Kobelco’s popular CKS, BMS, and 7000S series. The cranes, with lifting capacities ranging from 60 to 250 metric tons, have been newly designed, upgraded and improved from the customer’s point of view with safety, reliability and efficient operations in mind.

Similar to the new CKE and BME models which Kobelco has launched, they shared the similarities in their features such as less fuel consumption, compact design, safety support device, self-installation cylinders, and hydraulic circuits. There are a total of 10 models from the popular CKS, BMS and 7000S series which will be upgraded and improved to meet the customer expectations.

Features of kobelco new s series crawlers

Maximum 25% less fuel consumption from previous models

Kobelco adopted a totally new energy-saving assist system on all new models called the “G-Mode” system. G-Mode covers such assist systems as the Auto Idle Stop System, Energy Saving Winch Control System and Engine RPM Limitation System.
< Auto Idle Stop function >
The engine automatically stops during idling time under certain conditions. Restart is possible by controlling the accelerator grip.
< Energy saving winch function >
The hoist winch can turn at maximum speed without the engine accelerating under no-load lifting.
< Engine rpm limitation function >
By reducing the range of engine rpm, the cranes achieve top performance in normal mode.

Compact design improves transportation of cranes

By newly designing the structure of the machine, transportability has been greatly improved. A minimum 2.99 meter width and 45 metric ton or less weight of the main body save additional work needed for transportation, such as arranging an escort car or special permission.

Operator support system & comfortable operator cabin

The new safety support device is an optional item. The counterweight amount detection device always tells the correct amount of the counterweight. The swing angle detection device prevents over-swinging. The ground level sensor prevents operations on uneven ground. Machine status is displayed on a new wide monitor in a newly designed operator cabin. The new luxurious cabin enhances comfortable operation.

Vertical cylinders for counterweight self-installation (80 tons to 110 tons *)

The new models have an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism. Counterweights can be stacked up on the ground and installed on the machine by vertical cylinders. Safety and work efficiency have been greatly improved.(* Counterweights of 80 tons and 90 tons are optional specifications.)

New hydraulic circuit; Dual pump flow <-> Single pump flow

The new models can be adapted for both bucket and lifting applications. The hydraulic circuit can be set to dual-pump flow or single-pump flow, so that the circuit can be perfectly adequate for both applications. The newly designed circuit can be switched to choose the best circuit for the job application.

CKS series, BMS series, 7000S series



line pull

line speed

Rope dia

Engine power

CKS60060 tons68.6 kN
(7.0 tf)
120 m/min22 mm213kW/2100 min-1
CKS80080 tons78.5 kN
(8.0 tf)
120 m/min22 mm213kW/2100 min-1
CKS90090 tons112 kN
(11.4 tf)
120 m/min26 mm213kW/2100 min-1
CKS1100110 tons108 kN
(11.0 tf)
120 m/min26 mm213kW/2100 min-1
CKS1350135 ton132 kN
(13.5 tf)
120 m/min26 mm271kW/1850 min-1
CKS2500250 tons132 kN
(13.5 tf)
110 m/min26 mm271kW/1850 min-1
BMS80080 tons108 kN
(11.0 tf)
120 m/min26 mm271kW/1850 min-1
BMS1000100 ton132 kN
(13.5 tf)
110 m/min28 mm271kW/1850 min-1
7120S120 tons118 kN
(12.0 tf)
120 m/min26 mm271kW/1850 min-1
7250S250 tons132 kN
(13.5 tf)
110 m/min28 mm271kW/1850 min-1

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