Wind power giants ceased Spain operations

Siemens Offshore Wiind Turbine

Two of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in Europe have ceased operations at their factories in Spain.

Denmark’s Vestas, the world’s leading turbine maker, has closed both of its Spanish facilities; Spain-based Siemens Gamesa has closed six, leaving four partially open.

A third wind power manufacturer, Germany’s Nordex, has also temporarily ceased all its activities in Spain.

The closures coincide with a move by the Spanish government to impose further restrictions on movement and interaction, the coronavirus death toll in the country has passed 10,000.

In Italy, where almost 14,000 coronavirus deaths have now been recorded, 11 wind power manufacturing facilities have been shuttered, bringing the total on the continent to 19.

The latest closures come as Windeurope, the association representing the wind power industry in Europe, released a statement, reminding governments of the importance of sustainable energy sources during the crisis.

It said, “…it is critical that the wind industry can continue to produce essential equipment in its factories. The industry is organising its workforce to protect health and safety, in many cases significantly reducing the number of workers on site. But national governments need to allow for essential manufacturing processes to continue, in particular for the production of components without which global wind energy supply chains will grind to a halt.”

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Currently, 15% of Europe’s electricity is derived from wind power, with the EU Commission looking to increase that to 50% by 2050.

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