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Sany SAC4000T8

The Sany SAC4000T8 is a powerful all-terrain crane with a 400-ton lifting capacity, equipped with a telescopic boom that extends up to 90 meters and a luffing jib that can reach up to 78 meters. It is designed for substantial lifting tasks, such as the assembly and dismantling of tower cranes, and features a unique counterweight system for enhanced operational efficiency.

Sany SAC4000T8 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Sany SAC4000T8 all-terrain crane is a heavy-lifter in the construction and industrial sectors. It is specially designed to handle large-scale projects with demanding lifting requirements, providing substantial height and lift capacities.

Key features of the SAC4000T8 include:

  • Telescopic Boom and Luffing Jib: The SAC4000T8 boasts a 90-meter telescopic main boom, ideal for jobs requiring a long reach. When fitted with a 78-meter luffing jib, the crane can achieve a maximum height of 145 meters and lift 10 tons at a radius of 50 meters, ideal for the dismantling of 315-class tower cranes.
  • Boom Length Capacity: The crane’s boom has significant lifting capabilities at various lengths, such as carrying 33 tons with a 95-meter boom and 30 tons with a 100-meter boom, highlighting its strength at great heights.
  • Innovative Counterweight System: The crane’s advanced counterweight system is designed to optimize operational stability and lifting power. By moving the 110-ton counterweight backward by 0.9 meters, the counterweight achieves the same effect as a 150-ton, greatly reducing transport costs and yielding savings of up to 2.6 million RMB over ten years. Conversely, moving it forward 0.9 meters minimizes the turning radius to just 6.36 meters.
  • Adaptable Outrigger Span: The outrigger span of the SAC4000T8 is versatile, with three width options — 5.6 meters, 7.05 meters, and 8.5 meters — to accommodate different lifting requirements and ensure stability.
  • High-Speed Travel and Maneuverability: The crane is capable of reaching traveling speeds up to 40 km/h, allowing for swift and efficient movement between and within job sites.

The Sany SAC4000T8 reflects a commitment to engineering excellence with its combination of high lift capacities, advanced counterweight mechanics, and adaptable outrigger spans. It is optimized for significant cost savings in transportation and operations, showcasing the crane’s suitability for high-rise construction projects and efficient tower crane dismantling.



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