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Kobelco 7200G-2A

The Kobelco 7200G-2A crawler crane model includes both a Crawler Crane and a Luffing Tower configuration, designed to meet diverse lifting requirements. The Crawler Crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons at a 5.0-meter radius, while the Luffing Tower can lift 25 tons at an 18.0-meter radius and 37.5 tons at a 14.4-meter radius with the long configuration. The boom length for the Crawler Crane extends from 18.3 to 73.2 meters, and can reach up to 91.4 meters with the long boom option. The Luffing Tower’s boom length ranges from 36.6 to 64.1 meters, with a jib length of 27.4 to 51.8 meters, allowing for a combined maximum length of 64.1 plus 51.8 meters.

Kobelco 7200G-2A Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Rope speeds for hoisting and lowering are consistent across both configurations, with the main and auxiliary hoists operating at speeds ranging from 110 to 3 meters per minute. The Luffing Tower also features a jib luffing speed of 36 to 3 meters per minute, and the boom luffing speed is adjusted by a factor of 2, from 26 to 2 meters per minute. The rotation speed is slightly higher than the previous model at 2.2 rpm, and the travel speeds are set at 1.0 and 0.6 kilometers per hour.

The operating weight is 214 tons for the Crawler Crane and 226 tons for the Luffing Tower, with ground pressures of 124 kPa (1.27 kgf/cm²) and 131 kPa (1.34 kgf/cm²) respectively. Both models are designed with a gradeability of 30% (16.7 degrees), and feature a rated line pull of 132 kN (13.5 tf) for single line and 123 kN (12.5 tf) for multiple lines.

Powered by an ISUZU 6UZ1 engine, the 7200G-2A outputs 270 kW at 2,000 rpm. Wire ropes are sized at Φ 28 mm for both the main hoist and auxiliary (tower jib), with the boom ropes at Φ 22 mm. The jib (tower jib) also uses Φ 22 mm rope, ensuring durability and strength across various lifting operations. This model emphasizes versatility, efficiency, and power in demanding construction and lifting tasks.



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