Link-Belt 298 Series 2

Manufacturer Link-Belt has announced their new lattice boom crawler crane, the 298 Series 2. It is based on the technical specifications of 298 HSL that was introduced in 2007 but features a new boom design.

The new boom allows the working combination boom tip section to remain in place when transitioning from service to luffing mode with a maximum combination of 180ft (55m) of luffing boom and 195ft (59m) of luffing jib.

In order to provide a quick conversion from conventional-style lifting to a luffing configuration, the assembly has been simplified with semi-bore weldments for pin locations, point-to-use storage provisions for all components and stop bolts for quick pin alignment.

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Predecessor/Successor Models

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty combination top section for conventional and luffing jib configurations
  • Bar pendants
  • Boom walkways
  • Quiet, smooth running, fuel efficient Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final power with 320 hp
  • Matching front and rear drums – 35.3 in wide, grooved for 28mm rope
  • Optional free-fall
  • Optional third drum mounts in boom
  • 11-piece modular counterweight system with remote control operated hydraulic removal system
  • Standard collapsible upper guard rails

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