Sany SCC8500

Sany America has launched the SCC8500 in November 2012

SANY America’s SCC8500 500-ton crawler crane is designed for use in the construction of wind energy towers, fossil fuel plants and nuclear facilities, as well as in petrochemical installations and a variety of infrastructure projects.

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The aim was to produce a machine that would fill a niche between existing machine sizes. “The 400-ton-class machines are too small to handle bigger nacelles in wind construction, and the 600-ton cranes require a back mast and luffing jib to make these lifts. The SCC8500 is the perfect solution,” said John Lanning, global director of research and development for Sany crawler cranes.

The SCC8500 offers a full complement of attachments and options, including fixed jib, luffing jib and the Sany UltraLift package.

The optional UltraLift package includes a second counterweight tray with hanging brackets and 36 upper side blocks for 868,621 pounds (394 000 kg) of counterweight.

The SCC8500 has 10 available configurations for main boom, fixed jib, and luffing jib. Maximum main boom length is 354.3 ft (108 m) on the basic machine and 393.7 ft (121.1 m) with the UltraLift configuration. The fixed jib has a maximum length of 137.8 ft (42 m) in both basic machine and UltraLift. The maximum luffing jib length is 236.2 ft (72 m) for the basic machine and 275.6 ft (84 m) in the UltraLift configuration.

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The crane, powered by a 600-horsepower Cummins diesel engine with 1,845 foot pounds of torque, features SANY’s ACE (auto counterbalance equalization) System to adjust the position of the movable upperworks counterweight. The optional UltraLift package, which includes a second counterweight tray and a second pair of hydraulic cylinders.

The crane’s UltraCab features a wide field of reinforced glass; a steel frame with overhead structural plates; air-conditioning and heating powered by an auxiliary diesel generator; and a large, high-resolution display to show real-time statistics.

Also included in the cab are SANY’s load moment indicator to detect lifting capacity, boom angle, top height and radius; a closed-circuit television system for views of all winches, the counterweight and job-site surroundings; an anemometer to monitor wind speed; an electronic level indicator; and independently-operated, pressure-compensated drive motors on each end of the tracks.

Other highlights the SANY SCC8500 offers include hydraulically-driven planetary gears that raise and lower the load, a maximum line speed of 568 feet per minute, a swing system that uses dual drives and planetary gear reduction to center the load and regulate swing speed, a maintenance-free track roller and a centralized system that automatically lubricates the crane’s grease points.

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