Sennebogen 670 HD

Part of the E-series, the Sennebogen 670 HD duty cycle crawler crane is designed for demanding applications. It has a maximum boom length of 56.9 m, plus auxiliary jib and fly boom as options. Three motor variants are available, including 298 kW in the Stage IIIA version, and 261 kW or 321 kW in the Stage V version.


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Product Description

The 70-t crawler crane features robust construction, multi-circuit hydraulic system and strong slewing drive, making it perfectly suited to special excavation work. Applications with leaders or diaphragm wall grab with a bucket capacity of up to 2.5 cu m can be performed as reliably as the operation of hydraulic piping machines with rope grabs for well excavation and special foundation work.

Equipped with a double shell grab or dragline bucket, the 670 HD is also suitable for hydraulic engineering and mining applications. Here, two 16-t freefall winches enable optimal pulling force. These winches are available in the heavy-duty 20-t version as an option.

The compact 670 HD is an ideal solution for use in confined areas. It can be ready for operation within a short time, said Sennebogen, and stands firmly and securely on its 700 mm three-grouser base plates thanks to the telescopic crawler chassis. The crane’s compact dimension and simple ballast mounting system allow for easy transportation between job sites. When its crawler undercarriage is fully retracted, the crane is just 3 m wide.

The Maxcab comfort cab provides an ergonomic work environment. It can be offered with 15-degree tilt or 2.70 m elevation to allow better visibility.

Another E-series duty cycle crawler crane – Sennebogen 6100 E with a 100 t capacity – is suitable for a wide range of tasks, from special foundation work and mining to soil compaction and dropball and demolition applications. It is powered by a 451 kW Stage V engine, but a 447 kW Stage III engine is also available.

Applications with leaders or diaphragm wall grabs can be carried out as well as operation of hydraulic piping machines with rope grabs for well excavation and special excavation work. Here, two standard 20-t freefall winches provide excellent traction. These winches are available in heavy-duty 27.5 t and 30 t versions as an option.

The 6100 E features reliable winch synchronisation and can also be equipped with special control technology for automated free-fall operation for dynamic soil compaction. The telescopic crawler undercarriage with removable tracks helps reduce the machine’s transport weight to less than 40 t.

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