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Zoomlion ZCC1500V-1

The Zoomlion ZCC1500V-1 is a versatile and efficient 150-ton crawler crane, boasting multiple operating modes to satisfy various lifting needs. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons with a strong main boom length ranging from 16 to 76 meters. This crane features a fixed jib and luffing jib configurations, increasing its functionality. The foldable luffing jib option enhances its adaptability in tight spaces, with a maximum elevation angle of 87 degrees. The ZCC1500V-1 is designed for low-cost transport and high efficiency in assembly and disassembly, streamlining the mobilization process on worksites.

Zoomlion ZCC1500V-1 Crawler Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Zoomlion ZCC1500V-1 crawler crane is engineered to provide optimal lifting solutions across a spectrum of construction scenarios. Its technical prowess is marked by a sophisticated array of boom combinations, offering diverse operating modes such as the main boom, fixed jib, and luffing jib – each mode meticulously designed to tackle specific lifting tasks with precision.

The main boom has a variable length of 16 to 76 meters, suitable for heavy lifting with the main hook, while the auxiliary hook can be utilized with tip boom configurations. The addition of a fixed jib extends the crane’s reach and versatility, with lengths varying from 13 to 31 meters. For operations that demand a high elevation angle, the foldable luffing jib can reach up to 87 degrees, accommodating the assembly of extensive boom and jib lengths, such as a 52-meter main boom paired with a 46-meter luffing jib.

A notable aspect of the ZCC1500V-1 is its design focus on transport and assembly efficiency. Its transport weight for the basic machine with pivot sections is only 32 tons, fitting within the dimensions of 17.6 x 3.0 x 3.31 meters, making it highly manageable for standard flatbed trailers. Such a design minimizes logistical challenges, offering an economical transport solution.

As for its lifting capabilities, the ZCC1500V-1 boasts a maximum rated lifting moment of 861 t·m and a maximum rated lifting capacity x radius of 150 t x 5 meters in its main boom operating mode, showcasing its strength in heavy lifting operations. The maximum speed of the main hoisting winch at 140 meters per minute and the derricking winch at 68.3 meters per minute speak to the crane’s quick and efficient maneuverability.

Powered by a WP10H336E470 engine, compliant with China IV non-road mobile machinery emission standards, this crane is both powerful and environmentally conscious. It produces a rated power of 247 kW at 1900 rpm and an outstanding maximum output torque of 1600 N·m at a range of 1100 to 1400 rpm, balancing robust performance with environmental considerations.

Additionally, the crane’s ability to withstand a gradeability of 30% and its moderate average ground pressure of 0.11 MPa with basic boom, along with its relatively compact track size, allow it to operate effectively in diverse terrain conditions without causing excessive ground disruption.

In conclusion, the Zoomlion ZCC1500V-1 is a multifaceted crawler crane, meticulously crafted to provide high-performance lifting with a focus on safety, operational flexibility, and economic efficiency, standing as a formidable asset in the heavy-lifting sector.



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