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Tadano GTC-600

Tadano Mantis Corporation exhibited the model GTC-600, 60 ton (66 US ton) capacity, telescopic boom crawler crane at Conexpo 2017 in Las Vegas.

The GTC-600 is the third of the new design GTC-Series telescopic boom crawler cranes which follows the concept to design and build a telescopic boom crawler crane that meets the requirements of the growing Tadano Mantis core markets of power transmission, bridge and civil, and foundation construction while expanding the broader appeal of the crane toward lift crane based markets.

The GTC-600 design project was managed by Tadano Mantis and included collaboration with Tadano, Ltd. in developing the purpose designed, Tadano built telescopic boom and the integration of Tadano winches, jib, hydraulic cylinders, AML-C Rated Capacity Indicator and Hello Net telematics.


*Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for reference only. Contact the crane manufacturer for manuals to operate the crane properly.

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Product Description

The full power, 4-section 11.5 m – 36.0 m (37.7ft – 118.1ft) hydraulic boom is designed to perform exceptionally well for lift work, while also being capable of out-of-level, pick-and-carry, and foundation work. The round boom is manufactured specifically for the Tadano Mantis telescopic boom crawler cranes by Tadano Japan. The main boom is complimented with a 10.1m / 17.7m (33.1ft / 58.1ft) bi-fold jib that offsets at 3.5°, 25°, and 45°. The maximum tip height with the jib erected is 55.5m (182.1 ft). An optional 2.5m (8.2 ft) heavy-lift jib with a maximum capacity of 20.3 ton (22.4 US ton)  that offsets at 3.5° and 30° is also available.

The crane has an operating weight of 63,387 kg (140,086 lbs) and ships in two truckloads. The main load weighs less than 97,000 lbs and shipping width is under 11 ft wide.

The GTC-600 utilizes the full capabilities of the Tadano AML-C Rated Capacity Indicator. Operating load charts for the GTC-600 are available for up to 4° slope with automatic out of level load chart switching. The “level” ground load charts feature Tadano Mantis’ market leading 1.5° slope allowance.

The new OPTI‐WIDTH™ track positioning system is featured on the GTC-600.

OPTI‐WIDTH™ allows both symmetrical and asymmetrical track positions during reduced track width operation to provide OPTIMUM lifting performance at any track WIDTH. Track width is continuously monitored by the machine and the data is provided to the AML-C. The optimal track width operating load chart is chosen by the AML-C based on each side track position. OPTI‐WIDTH™ asymmetric track position setups can improve lifting capacities by as much as 50% over symmetrical, reduced track width configurations. OPTI‐WIDTH™ is the ideal solution for cranes working in congested job sites at less than full track width.

The crane undercarriage has sufficient hydraulic track extend power to extend and retract the tracks on demand, and the tracks do not require pinning in position once set to the operating width.

The GTC-600 has 2 boom extension modes and strong capacity charts.

The GTC-600 is powered by a Cummins US EPA Tier 4f, Euromot stage IV, QSB6.7 diesel engine rated 310 hp (231 kW) @ 2200 rpm. Engine throttle control is by either auto-idle control, adaptive throttle control, or by foot pedal control. The load sensing, power controlled hydraulic system optimizes the hydraulic output to the diesel engine power output for highly efficient operation and control. The swing system is controlled by a separate closed loop hydrostatic transmission for superior swing performance and the maximum swing speed is 2.4 rpm. The travel system features 2-speed track drives with maximum speeds of 2.5 mph (4.0 km/h) and a maximum unladen gradability of 101%. The standard track shoe is a 35.5” wide 3-bar semi-grouser and an optional 31.5” wide steel flat shoe is also available.

The GTC-600 has an optional boom mounted auger system that can be mounted to the second stage of the boom for variable radius drilling at any orientation to the undercarriage. Minimum auger radius is 27.9’ and the maximum radius is 54.9’. The auger system can utilize auger drives with a maximum digging torque of up to 20,000 lb-ft.

The Tadano Mantis model WP-750, 2 person work platform can be mounted to the main boom for a maximum platform height of 127 ft or to the 33.5’ offsettable jib for a maximum platform height of 157 ft.


OPTI‐WIDTH™ allows for an infinite combination of track positions. Continuous position data of each track frame relative to the crane centerline is provided to the AML-C Rated Capacity Indicator. The AML-C chooses the correct load chart based on track position of each track frame so that the capacity of the crane is optimized through 360 degrees. Zoned load charts are provided based on asymmetrical track position setup and slewing soft-stop safety function is used when capacity is limited at the edge of an operating zone.

When the GTC-600 tracks are set at the 13.5 ft middle track width position. OPTI‐WIDTH™ asymmetric retract/extend track positions utilize a zoned load chart with up to 50% higher capacity than the same track width with asymmetrical mid/mid track position.



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