Comansa 5LC4010

Comansa offers its 5LC4010 model for projects that require reach of 40 metres and maximum jib-end loads of 1,000 kg.

This crane has the same jib configuration as the 5LC3510, plus an additional 5-metre section that can be used to quickly convert a 5LC4010 into a 5LC3510 (and vice versa). Moreover, this interchangeability of jib sections with all the cranes in the 500 Series means rental fleets have to manage fewer parts.

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Language – EN (English), CH (Mandarin), JA (Japanese), DE (German)
SI Unit – Metric (Tonne), Imperial (US ton)

thumbnail of 5LC4010-4_spec_mt_en_vDS130703
Metric, EN (4 ton)
thumbnail of 5LC4010-4_spec_mt_en_vDS182303
Metric, EN (4 ton)
thumbnail of 5LC4010-5_spec_mt_en_vDS130704
Metric, EN (5 ton)
thumbnail of 5LC4010-5_spec_mt_en_vDS182304
Metric, EN (5 ton)

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