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Bronson Crane takes First Igo T 99 for N. America

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US-based sales and rental company Bronson Crane has purchased the first Potain Igo T 99 self-erecting tower crane to arrive in North America.

Launched in June, the six-tonne T 99 has a maximum jib length of 48 metres and a 1.2-tonne jib tip capacity. With the jib in the horizontal position, it has an under hook height of 38.5 metres, or 56.5 metres with the jib luffed up 30 degrees. Features include Potain’s Smart Set-Up technology, remote controls, an operators cab plus the company’s CraneSTAR telematics and remote diagnostics system.

The crane can be transported to the site as a trailer with 25kph/15mph road speeds, or in a semi-trailer configuration with road speeds of up 80kph/50mph. It offers an overall stowed length of 15.65 metres with an overall height of four metres. Power comes from both a 480 volt/60hz and 400 volt/50hz sources.

Company founder Earl Bronson, said: “We believe this crane will add to our fleet in significant ways. Many of our best customers have purchased our smaller Hup machines and are familiar with the technology. The Igo T 99 has most of the same technology as the Hup series, but with the performance of the industry-proven Igo T 85. The Igo T 99 will bring greater capacity and a larger radius which are certain to help Utah construction move quickly and efficiently.”

Bronson Crane has been a Potain self-erecting tower crane dealer since 2008 and the country’s top dealer since 2011. It also runs an all Potain rental fleet of self-erecting and top-slewing tower cranes. Earlier this year the company was acquired by Utah based Wagstaff Crane Service. Earl Bronson is scheduled to retire at the end of the year with manager Judd Wagstaff set to take over.

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