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Double World Record Breakthrough For XCMG! First XCA1800 and XCC2000 are delivered!

xcmg debut xca1800 xcc2000

In the past ten years, China’s wind power industry has developed rapidly and the installation capacity has also ranked first in the world. As the superpower country has announced their stance to reach peak carbon emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060, wind power, as a clean energy source, still has huge development potential despite the competitive market.

Since the 1,600-tonne all-terrain XCA1600 broke the world’s highest wind turbine installation record for all-terrain cranes in Hebei Baixiang Wind Farm in 2019, it has been delivering its performance without stopping.

According to unofficial statistics, XCA1600 has travelled to more than a thousand wind farms domestically and internationally, erected nearly 5,000 wind turbines. The wind turbines erected can generate nearly 150 million kilowatts of clean electricity, meeting the demand for more than 15 million households annually.

In only a span of two years later, XCMG has once again challenged the limits of technology and launched two new over 1,000-tonne class cranes: 1,800-tonne all-terrain XCA1800 and 2,000-tonne telescopic crawler, XCC2000. These are also known as the XCMG WindFlex Series.

On the 3rd of November, 2021, XCA1800 and XCC2000, the duo “Windflex Brothers” delivered together. Both cranes will set off from Xuzhou and directly to the wind farm, to set a new height in global wind power installation, and to leverage China’s new energy construction ambitions.

xcmg xca1800 xcc2000 handover ceremony

Meeting Demands Of Bigger Wind Turbines

High-speed innovation and development have continuously increased the “absolute height and weight” of wind power installations in China. 120-140 meters of wind turbines have become the absolute mainstream, and the application of 160 meters of wind turbines is also speeding up in transition.

XCMG has always insisted on breaking the domestic gap and boosting the development of wind power. Breaking through the world’s new height once again, refreshing the new global wind power hoisting record has been a target for XCMG.

The new XCMG XCA1800

The Wind Turbine Specialists

As early as 2016, when the world’s first eight-axle XCA1200 all-terrain crane, which completely broke through the 9-bridge design limit of the global 1,000-ton all-terrain crane, caused a sensation, the title of XCMG’s 1,000-ton mobile crane as the “King of Wind” has spread, and the XCA1200 has become the first crane to be in the Windflex series.

Two years later, in 2018, another mega crane was born – the XCA1600 aka Windflex No. 2. It was able to reach a lifting height of 140 meters, with a load of 268 tonnes, driving at a slope of 30% with a turning radius of 15 meters. The new 1,600-tonne mobile crane has a length of 21.6 meters on nine axles, and improve the installation of wind turbines efficiency from the conventional international standard of one turbine per week, reducing it to one turbine per two days.

XCA1800 and XCC2000, as the “Windflex No. 3” and “Windflex No. 4” that are well-received, are XCMG’s intensive cultivation of user needs in 78 years, and 58 years of technical foundation blessing, the courage to subvert themselves, and the world’s strongest Made in China high-quality development.

Leap over every 2 years and overturn every 2 years. Breakthrough yourself once every two years, and set a global record once every two years. XCMG, with high-frequency and high-quality innovation, has already foresighted the general trend of energy reforms and has “innovated” into its genes.” Today, XCMG once again uses truly excellent and world-leading high-end technology to lead Chinese cranes to become famous!

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